Simple yet powerful tool for building custom Caddy binaries.
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Caddy Builder

This application builds Caddy webserver with neccessary plugins. Great for deploying automation and already used in production.

This project was created after failing to obtain code which is used on to make Caddy builds with custom feature set.

After I wrote the very first version of Caddybuilder I found, but it’s not what I want.

Note: there are some plugins that missing from official Caddy website. They might or might not work!

Repository on Github is a mirror. Real development is going at pztrn’s Lab. Please, report bugs there.


It is enough to do:

go get



Execute this command to get list of available options:

$GOPATH/bin/caddybuilder -h

By default no additional plugins will be installed, so you should pass some flags to caddybuilder binary to get plugin included.

Note: by default every new Caddy build will be placed as /usr/local/bin/caddy. Specify -output parameter with value to overwrite it!


For now I’m commiting to master branch, until first release. After that master branch will be “always stable”.

To make a PR you should fork this repository, create own branch (e.g. “$nick_changes”), do some coding, and make a PR against “development” branch.

Every commit should be covered by tests. PRs with new functions and without tests are unacceptable and will be rejected.


Take a look into any plugin, they’re pretty straightforward. context and handler packages are not plugins, but:

  • context is a structure with some useful things that passed to plugins.
  • handler is an interface for plugins.

Plugins require no tests to be written, instead it will be tested as part of plugins package. It will test all plugins that have been initialized in plugins/plugins.go. If any error arises - go test will print it out.

If plugin require separate test (e.g. it do some requests or doint something more that replacing “default replace line” in run.go) - test should be written in plugins/plugins_test.go and named like TestNamePluginAction, where:

  • Name - should be replaced with plugin name (e.g. “Realip”).
  • Action - should be replaced to function name or action name.


Issue this command to execute all tests:

go test -test.v ./...

Full tests execution takes approx. 1-2 minutes. Specify -short to skip tests for go get execution and Caddy building. This can be useful if you’re writing a plugin:

go test -test.v -short ./...



  • Preserve Caddybuilder’s GOPATH between launches.
  • More perfect plugins subsystem.
  • Fix inability to get processes output on error.


  • Configuration files with possibility to pin to tag or revision of Caddy and/or plugins.
  • Go away from standart log module.


  • Support for Windows (PRs welcome, I have none of them).


  • Switch to native Git library for working with git?